Summer its at its highest pick, the continuous heat waves and busyness that Marbella experience’s during this time of the year does not bring the best out it. Thankfully there are still something’s that remind us of this yearlong paradise. Take passion fruit for example. Our passion fruit plant its raving with the small delicate […]


We are proud to be starting this very important section of the blog with some true Andalucian entrepenurs, Laveta Ayeware. For us is quite important to promulgate local people and items, as we strongly believe in the Spanish ingenuity. Laveta (meaning the wood grain) is a young, sophisticated, well thought company, that features some pretty […]


Just recently Holland & Barret opened a new outlet right on downtown Marbella. This new venue, is specialized in all sorts of natural foods, seeds, vitamins and supplements. Founded in 1920 Holland & Barret posses over 700 stores worldwide. In our area they own another shop in Fuengirola and one more in Gibraltar. So we […]


On our recent trip to Conil we bought some “Mojama”. Mojama is a delicacy made out of the tuna loins, the name comes form the classic Arabian and it meat “made of wax”, as unappealing as this might sound mojama is good, rich and unique. The texture of mojama is dry, chewy and meaty very […]