Made In Spain: Laveta Eyeware


We are proud to be starting this very important section of the blog with some true Andalucian entrepenurs, Laveta Ayeware.

For us is quite important to promulgate local people and items, as we strongly believe in the Spanish ingenuity.

Laveta (meaning the wood grain) is a young, sophisticated, well thought company, that features some pretty darn cool sunglasses and vision glasses.

My favorite would have to be the Magon model.

They make their handsome sunglasses here in Malaga, by hand from a variety of rich and exotic woods.

Wooden eyewear is right now quite trendy, but the folks at Laveta have mastered this craft and they have elevated to a new level. Art? You can suggest, maybe, maybe not, but something indubitable is that they have taken wooden sunglasses to a new dimension.

This sunglasses not only consist of cool designs and exotic woods, they have been tough to the smallest detail, here is a list of their features:

  • The wood used comes form sustainable sources.
  • Their wood is hypoallergenic and resistant to both sweet and saliva.
  • No glues, sprays or chemicals are used in the manufacture process.
  • Their hinges are flexible in order to adapt perfectlly to you face and I personally love the pine tree logo on the corner of the glasses.

Want more? Ok here comes. This hefty sunglasses boost organic lenses made by no other than the optics titan Carl Zeiss Vision. Featuring total UV protection.

On top of it all, this guys are not just doing things fine, they are going the extra mile and have done some very interesting collaborations with another local Andalucian company: Tarxia, creating one of a kind pieces that integrate Granada’s Alhambra and their marquetry in the already interesting glasses. The result are some unique pieces that stand on their own, they are some worldly, eye-popping pieces that will set any proud owner apart from the rest.

And they have free shipping world wide.

With a list like this is hard to resist not to get your hands on a unique and exclusive pair of extra cools Laveta sunglasses.

All in all this company and their products could have not been a better way to inaugurate our Made in Spain section, stay tune for more items, designs, products and stuff made right here in Spain and that we will be gradually presenting to you.


Remember, we only talk about the things we like. This post was not sponsored in any way.

It is our own, personal and partial view.