BarBQ The Hamburger Place In Marbella


Few things in life are simpler jet more satisfying, food wise, than a good hamburger.

Burgers quality has been lowered by fast food chains to the point that anything goes, and for that matter anything that looks a tad more healthy and a bit juicier that the factory made ones on the international chains slimes to be an stravanganza, but for the most part they are not, they are just better than average witch is not a lot anyway.

Fortunately for us foodies recently there is a new trend, and like any other trend I am not very fond of it, as trends tend to ware and exhaust whatever they make trendy to the point that one, after the fury of the trend has past, ends up so fed up of it that you don’t want to ver see that thing ever again.

But in this case and for now the trend is a good thing and a number of establishments have opened recently with one thing in mid, to make darn good burgers. Marbella was not going to be left alone on this trend but fortunately for us it was not a chain who did it but an small place, the kind we like best at Marbellando, a place with a personality and a should that of course its inspired by the moments trend but that is unique.

Located where the old LaBastilla used to sit BarBQ Artesannal Burgers is a great place to enjoy a great burger when in Marbella.

The brain mussel behind BarBQ are a couple of Brazilians that take good care of buying good quality and execute a very small, almost minuscule menu, with great care and love for the product.

The result speaks for itself; nice, fat, juice burgers that have full texture, great flavor and fill you up like a bear right before winter.

If beer is your thing, they also have a micro brewery that apparently is real good but I could not tell much about it, as I am not a beer person.

What a satisfying burger right downtown Marbella.


BarBQ Artesanal Burgers

Calle Jacinto Benavente, 5,

29601 Marbella, Málaga
Tel: 952 77 06 56

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