About Us

We are curious people, restless (sometimes a bit to much…) we love to explore, experience and savor what life has to offer.

This blog is about our own personal view of Marbella. A place were we share our personal, partial, and own view of Marbella, our interests, life and our way of life in Marbella which is pretty simple but fulfilling.

We love the coastal easiness, the cool, lay back style. The life philosophy of indulging life at is fullest, living, eating, drinking, sleeping and why not, parting when time is right. We know that all those things can also be done everywhere else. This is true, but it is not carry on in the same manner.

Having lived in different coastal areas we can say that we can not picture our life’s without water nearby, it does not necessary have to be a sea or an ocean, a lake or a river would do but I definitely know that the water element is vital for our existence.

We are food centered people, as for us it has and special meaning, we have had the fortune to have been brought up with a huge awareness in food, so to us its as vital as the air we breathe, for that same reason we consider that it is a daily luxury and we strike to make the best out of it, thus this blog has a great number of food related posts.

Finally, we love elegance in every aspect both esthetical as well as personal. We love anything an everything that is beautiful and tasteful whether it might be clothing, decorating, music and vehicles of all kinds and styles.