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Cuisine Paradiso Marbella represents all the good that comes form a home made meal, this tiny store is the quintessential of cookware, kitchenware and kitchen gadgets in Marbella. Home cooks and chefs from Marbella and the Costa del sol area rely on their expertise and products.

Originally started right here as an online store back in 2008 to later evolve into a physical thing by 2010.

The store is set right on the heart of downtown Marbella, right by the La Pesquera Restaurant. The clean elegant design of the white store makes you feel at home right as you get in. Inside the selves are fill with colorful cocking gadgets that come in all kinds of shapes and materials.

It is incredible how this petite boutique can stock such amount of quality brands such as Le Creuset cast iron pots, Woll titanium frypans, Lékué silicone (an Spanish manufacture that has revolutionize the industry) and many, many more.

You can find things as cool and fancy as a tomato peeper, or classic and bold as a nice set of Global knives or a KitchenAid.

The team at Cuisine Paradiso is always welcoming, very professional and well trained who know their product and their craft quite well. Oh and they speak english (always a plus).

The fanatic thing about this kitchenware store is that they stock tons of items but you can also especial order lots of items and either send them to your home in Spain, or you can collect them and find an scuse to take a stroll around downtown Marbella have a white wine or a beer and some tapas.

Recently Cuisine Paradiso started developing some kitchen and cookware packs, including some 200 items this is an smart idea for those in the run who would like a profesional to take care of such need without all the hassle of making a list, shopping around, getting everything right, going back to the store… im sure you follow me.

Cuisine Paradiso Marbella
C/ Huerta Chica Nº1- Local 2
Marbella 29601

Tel: 951 968 360.

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