Marbella Beach The Man Pulling The Pastry Cart


When at the beach we often see the rather peculiar man pulling a pastry cart, dress with his impeccable white outfit, a matching hat, his orange mop and his unmistakable bell.

marbellando-vendedor-ambulante marbellando-vendedor-ambulante-dulces-playa

He strolls, and “patrols” the east beaches of Marbella selling his “artisan” pastries

A disclose note here: We have never bought them, to me eating dry pastry at the beach is the equivalent of eating sand, despite my sweet tooth and how much I love pastry. For some reason the beach does not seem like the place to enjoy such delicacies. I am more for a cold glass of gazpacho, a Mojito or some ice cold watermelon, but pastry! Really? So all of these to say that we have not tried his goods thus we can not comment about them in any way.

It is the man I find unique, charismatic and interesting.

marbella-vendedor-playa-ambulante  marbellando-vendedor-ambulante-playa marbellando-vendedor-ambulante-dulces

When I approach him to snap several pictures he posses like a diva, he loves the camera and goes on to tell me that he used to all of these, he mentions with pride that he has been featured in many TV shows, and news, heck apparently he is a celebrity!

So I shoot him a couple of quick questions wile he is juggling and selling pastry to the beachgoers.

I ask him for how long he has been doing this here, and he states that just for the last couple of years, here but he had been doing it for quite a wile.

When I see that the pastries come form San Lucar de Barrameda (Cadiz a good two hour and a half drive) he mentions in a very distinctive Cadiz accent that he comes there. Ok and why come to Marbella when you have a such wonderful beaches there? – Easy, he replies quick, there are tons of men and women like me in the beaches of Cadiz, were as here I am the one and only.

marbella-vendedor-ambulante-dulces-playa marbella-vendedor-ambulante-playa

He then tells me to get a good picture of the brand and he says as he starts heading towards the sunset, this is quality my friend, and my warranty is that every day I sale all my goods so they are daily fresh…