Khans (Indian Restaurant) Puerto Banus


Ok so you know how we loooove food, we are seasoned in many food cultures and techniques and bla, bla, bla…

Well here is a food we hardy know anything of, Hindu food. Is one of those things that always catches your eye, you want to brake the safety net from the restaurants and the cuisines you know and feel confortable with and what to jump into a new sensation, BUT, what if is a disaster? What if everyone around you orders great looking (and smelling dishes) and you wind up with the most dull and boring dish? What if you haet the experience and you wasted you hard earn money in what to you is a lousy experience? So many questions, so little food…

I guess you get the idea by now that exploring this cuisine was a breakthrough for us, but during the last summer we did it! We concord our fears and went for it, having live in Marbella for a long time we always remember seen Khans restaurant in Puerto Banus full of people, mostly British and Hindu (good sign) looking crowd. So this seemed like the perfect place to get in to it.
The place is always pack, run by true professionals. Clean, efficient service.

Menus come in an array of languages (I know for sure Spanish and English) and are well explained for the unfamiliar customer. They also feature some tandoori dishes and a number of traditional dishes in your selection of chicken, lamb, beef, prawns or shrimp with the price variables (nicely done and well explained)

Heck it even has a section for those who go to eat to a Hindu restaurant but do not what to have Hindu food…

We had some Popodums and Pickels, Chiken Pakora (the best thing in our own onion) Madras Chicken and Korma lamb, along with some classic brad (Nam) and Pillau rice.

The food came steady and promptly, it was all good with the accent on the Chicken Pakora. For us the one thing we could have done without was the Korma Lamb, dot get me wrong it was good but after such explosion of taste this dish seem a little underpowered and dull.

We paid 51,15€ which seem reasonable. Soft drinks that run a bit pricey at 3€ each but then again you are seating on a great restaurant at the heart of Puerto Banus and that has to come at a certain price.

I just saw on their website that they offers a daily menu for 12,50€  between 12:30 and 20:00. thats a fantastic deal!

See the pictures and judge for yourself:

Marbellando-Khans-indian-restaurant Marbellando-Khans-restaurante-indu-puerto-banus Khans-indian-restaurant-MarbellaKhans-Indian-Restaurant-Puerto-Banus


Clean, quick, professional, location, ambience, clean HOT plates change often, the have daily menu (for lunch)

Room to improve:

Paper napkins (good quality but paper), menu a bit long for the unfamiliar customer, (this is a personal thing) but I don’t deal well with the artificial looking food coloring so the Pillau rice would have been just as good without the funky colored grains.

Overall: Great!

Remember, we only talk about the things we like. This post was not sponsored in any way.

It is our own, personal and partial view.